Bitcoin Aussie System: Automate Crypto Trading with HighWin Rate

cryptocurrency trading with Bitcoin Aussie System

Bitcoin Aussie System

One of the cornerstones of financial wealth is passive income. With passive income, your money isn’t tied to how much you’re working—it keeps growing even when you’re asleep, with little continuing effort on your part. For this reason, investing or trading has always been a highly sought after income stream. Sure, you might be familiar with stocks already, but what if we told you were was a faster way to get higher returns so you don’t have to wait for years? 

Out of all the financial markets, cryptocurrency is potentially the most lucrative within a short period of time, and the Bitcoin Aussie System is a trading bot that automates the process, making high-probability trades so that you can benefit from cryptocurrency even as a total beginner. Too busy to learn trading and can’t spend all day checking your trades? The Bitcoin Aussie System does the work for you, and you can sit back and watch as your initial capital brings you passive income month after month.

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About the Bitcoin Aussie System

The Bitcoin Aussie System is a cutting-edge trading platform that helps users win at least 80% of their trades through a powerful algorithm. At the core of the algorithm is the fundamental trading principle of buying low and selling high. Regardless of your familiarity with trading, you’ll find the Bitcoin Aussie System very easy to use. You only have to create an account, deposit funds, and then let the system’s crypto bot trade for you! The minimum amount that you can deposit is $250.

Bitcoin is the primary cryptocurrency in the platform, but you can also buy and sell a wide range of other cryptocurrencies, including Ripple, Litecoin, and EOS. Your funds are invested with reliable brokers, and you can track the results anytime. In fact, the Bitcoin Aussie System is already very popular in Australia, its home country, while attracting plenty of users from all over the world.  

How did the Bitcoin Aussie System start?

Powerful cryptocurrency trading algorithm

The Bitcoin Aussie System was founded by Jason Boyle, a developer who also has experience in finance. After studying the market and tinkering around with different algorithms, he finally found one that yielded profit, earning 50% after extensive testing. As random as the market can be, there is a way to flow with it and ride out the highs and lows, and this strategy could grow an account consistently as long as it’s strictly followed. That would already be good enough for most people, but Jason took it a step further and kept refining his algorithm, aiming for a higher win rate. Once he got it up to 80%, he turned his algorithm into a crypto trading bot that could be shared with the world.  

How does the Bitcoin Aussie System work?

Although there’s a lot going on under the hood, the Bitcoin Aussie System is very straightforward to use, even for beginners. You don’t need to have experience with trading because the algorithm takes care of the market analysis for you.

Instead of bitcoins being directly exchanged, which would be more time-consuming and costly, the Bitcoin Aussie System trades bitcoins via binary options. This allows you to withdraw your cash right away and get started without too much paperwork. A crypto trading bot does the job, performing even better than human investors. Since it’s powered by a computer, it can quickly scan through multiple currencies at once and start or stop trades once certain market conditions are met. 

Automatic trading with the Bitcoin Aussie System

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More funds all at once can bring exponentially larger returns, so the Bitcoin Aussie System multiplies its users’ gains by pooling their funds together and trading them in bulk. The returns are then seamlessly returned to the users in proportion to how much money they contributed. This enables users to be more involved in cryptocurrency even if they only have a small capital to begin with. 

Even though the algorithm is doing heavy-duty work, the entire process looks seamless from a user perspective—simply put in your capital, and you’ll get your returns. On the other hand, the Bitcoin Aussie system can also serve as a traditional trading platform. You can opt not to use the crypto bot and instead do demo trading or make the trades on your own.  

How do I use the Bitcoin Aussie System?

You just have to follow three steps, which will get you up and running in as little as a few minutes: 

1. Create a Bitcoin Aussie System account

You’ll find a registration form right away at the Bitcoin Aussie website. Type in your name and email address. You’ll receive a confirmation link in your email, and upon clicking that, you’ll be taken automatically to the members area. Congratulations, you already have an account! 

To start trading, you still have to supply additional information such as your phone number and address. Because the Bitcoin Aussie System trades cryptocurrency through binary options, you won’t have to submit government IDs or personal documents for approval, meaning you can move on to trading quickly!

2. Deposit your trading capital

The next step is to supply your Bitcoin Aussie System account trading capital. $250 is the minimum deposit, and we recommend sticking with this amount initially if you’re still trying to get used to trading. Investing and trading still have their own risks, so only invest money that you can be detached about rather than throwing in your savings. Once you’re comfortable with the platform and you become more familiar with trading, you can deposit more.

There are a variety of deposit methods available, including Visa, MasterCard, and Skrill. You’ll see the deposit reflected in your Bitcoin Aussie System account within minutes.  

3. Start trading cryptocurrency

Now that you’ve made a deposit, you can move on to trading! To use the trading bot, all you have to do is select “Auto-Trade,” and the algorithm will kick in, constantly scanning the market for good trades. The platform is very transparent, so you can check your results after a few hours. Alternatively, you can do demo trading for practice or manual trading if you want to manage your trades yourself. Once a trade ends and part of your capital is freed up, you can withdraw your money at any time. 

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Why use the Bitcoin Aussie System?

The Bitcoin Aussie System has the following advantages:

  • Bitcoin Aussie System generates passive income for you so you can keep growing your money
  • You can sign up for as little as $250
  • Bitcoin Aussie System is very much beginner-friendly, and you don’t need to know all about trading or cryptocurrency to get started
  • Choose from Auto-Trade, Demo Trade, and Manual Trade modes
  • Profits are quickly available for withdrawal
  • Setting up a Bitcoin Aussie System account is easy and doable within minutes
  • You benefit from the cryptocurrency market’s volatility and get quick returns through short-term trades 
  • You can profit regardless of which direction the market’s moving in

Your cryptocurrency trading returns from the Bitcoin Aussie System will contribute to your overall income. Capital grows exponentially with profitable trading, so with the system’s 80% win rate, even $250 can rise to a large amount over time.

make more money with less time and effort

After all, financial success is more than making huge amounts of money—it’s also about how much time you can spend on the things that are meaningful for you. With extra income from the Bitcoin Aussie System, you can build up your savings, treat yourself to a vacation, lighten your workload to be more present with your family, or rechannel it into more investments. You can do whatever you want with your returns, and your quality of life will improve! 


Can a crypto bot really perform better than human advisors?

One thing that you’ll hear from experienced traders is that following a strategy consistently is the key to winning. You could have the right strategy, but if you let emotions get in the way or keep bending the rules, your results will suffer. A huge advantage of the Bitcoin Aussie System is that trading can be done by a bot, which removes human error and emotional decision-making, ensuring that the algorithm is consistently followed. The Bitcoin Aussie System’s bot can also analyze more trades all at the same time, staying alert 24/7 so you can maximize your gains.   

I don’t know anything about trading or cryptocurrency. Is that okay?

The Bitcoin Aussie System is open to all levels of traders, and it’s definitely beginner-friendly. Even trading is automated for you! Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, you can eventually try manual trading too.  

What do I need to get started?

You just need your initial trading capital of at least $250, then you can have your account up and running within minutes! No government IDs or extra paperwork needed. 

How much should I deposit at first?

If you’re a beginner, you can start with the minimum deposit of $250, but more experienced traders can go for $500 for larger returns.  

How much can I make?

That depends on how much capital you put in—the higher the capital, the more you earn. Since the Bitcoin Aussie System has a win rate of 80%, many users actually experience daily profits. Your capital will also grow exponentially over time given how trading works, so you can generate a lot even with the minimum $250.    

Can I withdraw my returns as Bitcoin?

The Bitcoin Aussie System trades cryptocurrency through binary options, so no, you can’t withdraw your earnings as Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency because your funds are stored as cash. On the other hand, because Bitcoin isn’t directly traded, there’s less overhead and costs on your part. 

earnings are available for withdrawal

What should I do with my earnings?

You have two choices with your earnings: either you keep it in your account, or you withdraw part or all of it. If you keep it in your account, your money will potentially grow faster because you’re putting it back in completely. However, you might also want to withdraw half of your earnings every time so you can enjoy while still growing your capital. 

Do I have to pay taxes?

This depends on your country’s laws, but yes, you have to pay taxes in general. Trading crypto is still considered a form of investing, and you’ll feel better (and maybe attract more gains) if you hold up to your responsibilities as a citizen.   

What if I want to use the manual option?

That’s perfectly fine too! Aside from acknowledging the risk involved in trading, there are certain things that you have to keep in mind:

  • Only trade with an amount that you’re comfortable with
  • Test out any algorithm that you’re planning to use 
  • Stick with the rules of your algorithm and don’t make emotional decisions
  • Track your trades so you can learn from them
  • Set a stop loss because the market can change directions at any point

You can do demo trading first to make sure that your algorithm is profitable without losing any money.  

cryptocurrency trading tips


Passive income can make a huge difference in the quality of your life, and cryptocurrency trading is a fast, low-capital way to make extra money when done right. The Bitcoin Aussie System features a crypto trading bot with a win rate of 80% aside from more traditional options like demo and manual trading. For as low as $250, you can dip into cryptocurrency trading regardless of your level of experience. The cryptocurrency market is attracting more investors and traders over the years, and with the Bitcoin Aussie System, you can seize the opportunity and grow your capital 24/7 with little effort. 

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